Tollywood star hero Venkatesh on not missing out on work despite taking a break of 10 months, Friday-release ‘Babu Bangaram’ and more…

Audience has not lost interest in my face. That’s the biggest compliment that I can ever get. 30 years is a just number to me.

Eighteen months after ‘Gopala Gopala’ opened in cinemas, Victory Venkatesh is back in action with ‘Babu Bangaram’. He attributes his long absence from the silver screen to the break he took to be around his dad Ramanaidu who was diagnosed with prostate cancer.

As I started looking out for scripts after the break, Maruthi approached me with the idea of ‘Babu Bangaram.’ It was a simple line with a fresh characterisation. I’ve done cop roles earlier but ACP Krishna’s (his role) soft nature attracted me to it,” he flashbacks, insisting that the character, after realising that the conduct is too good to set certain things in order, takes a detour. “You’ll see two variations in my roles. Also, the film is set in a family atmosphere and had some scope for action too.”

But didn’t he miss being in action? “I was happy not doing films. As long as you are doing something, it’s ok. I missed doing good characters and best of the scripts,” he asserts, “I find a lot of peace when I’m alone. I also get time to meditate. Whenever I get injured I’d be the happiest guy because I get time for myself.