Ajay Devgn says his upcoming film “Shivaay” won’t hurt any religious sentiments as the movie deals with human elements of Lord Shiva.

Ajay, who has also directed the movie, said he is not portraying Shiva but a common man, who is a devotee of the God.

“There is no religion (angle in the film). I am not portraying Shiva. If you see my lines also, ‘jiske bheetar basa Shivaay’, that who has Shiva in his heart. In the film also, he is not sitting and meditating and praying. He has got tattoos of Shiva all over his body and he is called Shivaay in the film,” the 47-year-old “Drishyam” star said in an interview on the sidelines of the film’s trailer launch in Indore.